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1 Safe Great Sex during a Pandemic

Safe sex during a pandemic is at the top of peoples list as in many countries we worry about COVID19 because of social distance, isolation, and being too careful. In the midst of this we are left to creative ways to meet our needs. There is an increase in visits to our stories about sex, masturbation. In addition to statistics about hostility, then people in closed circles embrace and interact with their sex lives. (With partners and solos).

If you want to know whether having sex while practicing social distancing is possible well it’s not easy to get involved in most positions six feet away.

Can you have safe sex?

According to the memo, yes! The safest is to have physical relations with people close to you.

Masturbation will not spread CoVID-19, especially if you wash your hands (and sex toys) with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after sex. The next safest best friend is the person who lives with you. Having sex with close relationships – only with a small group of people – helps prevent Covid 19 from spreading.

You should avoid close contact with anyone outside the home, including having sex. If you have sex with other people, this will increase you sexual partners and increase your risk. If you usually meet your sexual partners on the internet, or make a living by having sex, consider taking a break from personal dating. You could try using video, sexting, or chat room can be your roommate’s choice.

How can you reduce the risk for yourself and your partner?

At present, there are several smart ways to keep everyone safe and healthy, after ensuring that you and your partner are safe in the “People Near You” category.

If you or your partner feel unwell, stop having sex.

Be careful what you and your partner feel, what you can do to prevent people who come in contact with you, and the possible serious consequences. If you want to have sex safely, you may be at higher risk if one of you falls into the category of  COVID19 symptoms.

Things to consider to ensure safe sex is achieved

Consider ways to get around germs (kisses, oral contact with various parts of the body, etc.). Kisses can easily switch to CoVID-19. Avoid kissing that isn’t part of the small circle of your closest contact. You can use condoms to reduce the amount of contact you have but still maintain a sexual relation. You may not like this suggestion but at least you can still have sex.

Washing before and after sex is more important than before. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds.

You also want to keep your sex toys clean (always, but especially now – wash with hot water or according to the manufacturer’s instructions) and wipe the screen, keyboard, or whatever you touch. I can come to Video chat, sexting, or watching porn.

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Please let’s stay safe and you will have a great time risk free!

Safe sex

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