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10 Best Ways To Have Make Up Sex

Kent Escorts: What Is Make Up Sex and Why?

Have you ever gone from arguing with your partner, thinking of all the reasons why you can’t stand them, to embracing, thinking of all the reasons why you can’t keep your hands off them?

Welcome to Make up Sex. This happens when an intimate partner stops fighting and starts having sex. For some people, arguing with a partner is like having a good temper. Tension builds up and builds up as long as it doesn’t give way to sexual desire.

Arguments in themselves can be stressful and painful, but once you get to the end of this passionate sex, you feel like it’s all worth it.

Why did this happen and how did it lead to make up sex?

When you’re obsessed with them, sharing a passionate hug with your partner is probably the last thing you think about, so why make-up sex?

Here are some possible reasons:

Arousal transfer

Once you stop fighting, what will you do with all these emotions boiling inside of you? You no longer feel angry at all, but the adrenaline still makes you feel something.

Happiness transfer is a psychological term used to convey the joy of being annoyed by a trumpet feel. You are still awake, in the sense that your emotions are rising – but now they are more emotional.

Pent-up aggression that leads to make up sex.

Have you ever felt like your dispute is technically resolved, but you are still feeling frustrated?

You may understand why your partner does something that upsets you. You agree to forgive them, but you still don’t like the fact that they were remembered in the first place.

With sex makeup, you may have the opportunity to express your apologies and frustrations – victory!

If you healthily do this, this can be a safe and positive means of relieving tensions and angry sexual aggression.

Biological attachment

From your physical point of view, fighting with someone close to you feels like a threat to your security sense.

However, conflict can be a threat to your relationship. Instead of feeling good about each other, you can’t feel satisfied with each other, and you talk like you can’t stand each other.

What if you never resolve your differences? Otherwise, if you are damaged. This worry can trigger your biologically connected system, which is a way of pushing you closer to the people you love.

When that happens, hormones are released into your body when you are scared, such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and testosterone.


The end of the war brought much relief. You and your partner must have found a way to deal with a problem as a team instead of clashing.

There may be some object on your chest that you have been holding for a while. You may even have come up with solutions to problems that were never possible before.

Make up sex can seal your agreement, ensuring that your argument is over at least this phase.

And if you’re tackling some of the toughest things, makeup can be a great way to have sex.

What benefits does it offer?

Makeup can offer some great benefits to sex if you do it healthily.

Emotional closeness

Closeness isn’t just about sex. You can create emotional intimacy with someone, just as you feel safe and accepted around your caregiver.

Sex makeup can be a way to increase and deepen this emotional closeness. During the fight, you just talked to your partner about crying, shared your greatest fears, and acknowledged your deepest insecurities.

One way to express the next sex, maybe with you still accepting and caring for each other, ugly tears, and other people.


After a fight, it cannot be easy to get your relationship back on track. You and your partner may have said things that you both regret, or you have revealed aspects of yourself that you are not proud of.

Then showing each other physical love can bring you back to earth. You have the opportunity to feel as though you have a clean record moving forward when you face things like before the fight.

Perspective on make up sex

What are we fighting for? After you’ve had your make-up sex, you probably won’t remember – or, at least, you’ll forget why you were so upset about such trifles.

Because sex makeup reminds you of your preferences for each other, often, what you love is more important than what you stand for.

This doesn’t mean that you have to rule out any relationship issues completely. But it helps if you know what matters, and why your relationship can avoid conflict.

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