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For women, especially our beloved ladies in Kent Escorts Agency, lubrication is an important part of sexual arousal. It readies the vagina for penetration, making it easier for the penis to enter and reducing any frictions or irritations. Lubrication usually occurs naturally, but some women become more lubricated than others. Lubrication can also be a matter of preference. Some women feel that sex is better when they are more lubricated.

Occasional vaginal dryness is common, but chronic vaginal dryness can signal either menopause or a medical issue, such as vaginal atrophy. As a person ages, the tissue of the vagina thins. During and after menopause, the body produces less estrogen, which leads to fewer moisturising secretions and can make the vagina feel dry. Once the vaginal tissues become thinner, the individual may need more lubrication than they previously did to feel comfortable during sexual activity. Pain during intercourse is often caused by inadequate lubrication.

It is important for partners to understand the role lubrication plays in comfortable intercourse. Partners may need to openly discuss the best ways to ensure lubrication. Sometimes more foreplay is all that’s needed for a woman to become sufficiently lubricated. Other times, a personal lubricant may need to be applied during sexual activity. (The application could be part of foreplay, too.)

 Now before using lubricant here’s the 3 top guidelines for using it


  • Vaginal Lubricants

Water based lubricants containing glycerin are popular. However, glycerin free options may be more suitable for people who get frequent yeast infections.

Silicone based lubricants last longer than water based lubricants, making them a good option for people with severe vaginal dryness or a history of pain during sex. They are not safe to use with silicone sex toys, though, and they can be greasy.

Oil based lubricants include many readily available products, such as kitchen oils. They are usually edible and are safe for the vagina, but they can be messy. Synthetic oil based lubricants, such as mineral oil and petroleum jelly, can work well but may also irritate the vulva.

Silicone and water based lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms. However, oil based lubricants may destroy latex condoms.

  • Vaginal Moisturizers

Vaginal moisturizers are long acting lubricants that can help with chronic dryness. Their effects usually last for several days. These products are a good option for people who experience intense vaginal dryness, even when they are not having sex. These moisturizers are safe to use alongside vaginal lubricants.

  • Estrogen Creams

Estrogen based creams can treat vaginal dryness that occurs due to low estrogen levels. These creams work by replacing lost estrogen, potentially reversing some of the effects of menopause and medical conditions that cause low estrogen. Most of these creams require the user to decrease the dosage over time.

Estrogen creams can work well, but they are not safe for people who do not tolerate estrogen well. It is important to discuss with a doctor the risks and benefits of using estrogen cream.


A person might choose to use synthetic lubricant when:

  • they experience vaginal dryness due to medication
  • changes in hormone levels during pregnancy or after childbirth cause temporary vaginal dryness
  • menopause causes vaginal dryness
  • their vagina does not produce sufficient lubrication—for example, if they “run out” of lubrication after a long session of sexual activity or find that their natural lubricant is insufficient to reduce the friction of sex
  • they experience pain or itching in their vagina, which can happen when sensitive vaginal tissue is very dry


It is best to start with a small amount of the product and then gradually increase the amount until the vagina feels comfortable. Some people find that reapplying the lubricant several times provides the best results. A person may find it helpful to experiment with several different lubricants, paying attention to how their body responds to each one. If the vagina feels itchy or sore after using one of these products, this could indicate an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient in the lubricant.

People should only try estrogen-based creams after discussing their use with a healthcare professional. These creams often require a prescription. It is important to follow the directions for use and not exceed the dosage that a healthcare professional recommends. Estrogen creams can take time to work, and it takes a few weeks for most people to see results.

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