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4 Best Tips for the Right Restaurant Date

Are you looking to impress your date by taking her to candlelight or a great restaurant by the pool in the afternoon? Here’s a complete guide to choosing the best restaurants for dating.

Do you frequently visit restaurants in search of date restaurants? You may not really be guessing exactly what you want in a restaurant, but with this guide, you just have to know if it’s worthy of attention or not.

Here are the 4 best tips to choose the right restaurant for your first date with your lovely Kent Escorts

Music atmosphere in the restaurant?

Have you used signboards to communicate on a date? Or was there a Manson look-alike band throwing people around? To enjoy a good date, you need to be able to communicate easily. Even the slight bit of yelling out to each other over the music or speaking loud is unacceptable. They can be a distraction.

Choose a restaurant that has soft music, even if it’s not mood music. The best options are jazz and lounge structures. Romantic music can be great, but it can also be addicting and sweet. The seventies swing can also be a little aggressive for a good date. When you speak, use soft notes to highlight your conversation instead of tarnishing it. Well, soft music always adds to the romance!

How is the service?

Once you go to a restaurant, is there someone who gives you a warm smile and brings you to your table? Well. But not good enough.

If you have to choose a dating restaurant, the service should be very warm, fast, and efficient. And don’t forget, waiters don’t just pick up a vault near your table and hang around a good restaurant unless you call them. And they don’t slip.

How do you know if the service at a restaurant is good? Waiters don’t bother you all the time. Service must be impeccable and help you make the right choices. Hold the cigarette against your lips for three seconds. If a waitress doesn’t shut you down and turn it on, you’re at the wrong restaurant!

Do you like lighting?

Everyone likes good lighting. Good lighting makes both of you look good. A dentist’s torchlight can be great in his clinic, but not at a restaurant. You don’t want to sit down under the scorching lights of a brightly lit room, waiting to pick flaws in each other. Choose a restaurant with a mellow, soft glow that looks great on your skin. You should be able to see your food well too.

If you’ve noticed in any good romantic movie, the lighting’s always dim and mellow when the couple has an intimate dinner. A restaurant illuminated with lots of candles is the best bet. Not only will it be romantic, but the soft, warm glow of a candle can also be a great turn on. If you don’t like that very much and find it gloomy, opt for any restaurant with cozy lighting. And if you’re having lunch, then nothing beats a poolside restaurant or a Santorini rooftop experience.

Which food is the most romantic?

Sushi anyone? Or sick on the floor? Not everyone prefers ‘your passion for interesting food’? So think twice before heading out to surprise your date-mate with chopsticks and Takoyaki, which is burnt octopus.

Most romantic restaurants serve good food and excellent cuisines. Our pick for romantic food is definitely Italian or Mediterranean, and a glass of divine wine.

If you don’t like eating spaghetti from the same plate, choose a restaurant with good food on the tongue, and it is easy to eat. No prawns, fried chicken, big burgers, and the like. You need your date to focus on yourself while the food goes perfectly without any distractions. Good food is good, but good food that needs bad attention to the date.

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