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We at Kent Escorts Agency understand, it’s common knowledge that sex is more enjoyable than hitting the sports arena, and there are many documented health benefits. But does sex really count as exercise? Sexercise is the real deal, the more active you are, the better workout it’ll be. As for actual calories burnt, that’s debatable. If it’s a slow, romantic romp, it won’t be many.

Here we have 6 Best Sex Position That Will Help You Lose Your Weight.


Some of you may have never heard this position. Let us give you a little knowledge. This position is from the Kama Sutra, the thousand-year-old Indian text which includes philosophical musings about sex and relationships. The way to do it is your lady needs to lie down on her back, and you need to wrap your thighs around her. By this position, you can use both of your hands. Both you and your lady will experience a deep hip opening stretch from the position. You are almost doing a sumo squat in this position, which will strengthen your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings.


To do this position, you need to begin standing face-to-face with your lady, so you’re able to lift her up and hold onto your lady’s legs and hips. You could say this is basically the Bachelor run-and-jump-hug manoeuvre, but with the standing. While in this lift, you and your lady can move and grind your hips.


Sex standing up is not for the faint-hearted. It is the ultimate test of bum, thigh and calf strength. This is the perfect easy position because you don’t need a bed for it – and let’s face it, and also good for a quickies. Because you won’t be anywhere near the bed they started from. In a standing position, you can bend straight down and have your slide in your partner from behind.


When you find yourself in a doorway or a tight shower, you can take this pose to encourage you getting supper close with your lady. To do this position, you can start by leaning your upper bodies against a wall or maybe a door. Then, your lady swings her leg up over your shoulder. With your bodies resting on a steady surface, you can go wild with the thrusting as vigorously as you’d like.


This position can be a deceptively simple-looking position which can actually turn into a major sweat-fest! You need to sit cross-legged on the bed. If they are not that flexible, you can loosely cross your legs or keep your legs straight out in front of you. Have your lady sit on your lap, lowering herself down onto your penis. Neither one of you can thrust in this lotus position, you’re only enable to grind against each other. You do it slow and seductive, or you can increase the intensity by grinding against each other with some more force. It shall give you some sort of feeling like you are wrestling!


In this variation of plank style will stretch your hamstring, arches of your feet, and toes. You are bent over the arm of a sofa, so you can feel more relaxed, or push back into him, depending on what you prefer. Plus, your pelvis is raised slightly more in this position so the angle of penetration is subtly different. You get to play around with new sensations and decide what feels best. Because sometimes you don’t want to stare into your lover’s eyes.

How about that, folks? Those are 6 Best Sex Position That Will Help You.  It sounds amazing, right? You should try those tips before getting it on with our beloved ladies here in Kent Escorts Agency in order to proof our point and you’ll experience it yourself how incredible you’ve become. We bet you can’t wait to get it on with our girls, right? Worry not, dear readers, it is pretty easy for you to book our girls. You only need to dial this number +442039885254 or +442039885254. Don’t wait any longer, the pleasure is waiting!

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