8 Best Places to Have Office Sex

8 Best Places to Have Office Sex

Sometimes, sex can be boring and stagnant in the context of marriage. Because of the busy life of life, some married couples have sex at designated times of the week. The same old sexual position is principled. One of the keys to reducing the frequency and duration of being slower and invincible than sex is to try something understated, exciting and new to bring back the youthful spirit. This is absolutely essential for a healthy marriage. A dangerous but powerful setting in which married couples can apply their new perks is in the office.

This can be beneficial if you and your partner/local Kent escorts can pay each other an amazing visit to each other’s offices and find one of the following locations to enjoy a frozen, wild, and amazing sex life. ۔ The following list is not exhaustive, but it does represent some of the places in the office environment where you and you can have fun, risk, and fun.

Here we have 8 best place to have office sex that you can invite our models to join the experience at Kent Escorts.


Upon a surprise visit from your partner, it would be nice to find an empty conference room with a spacious conference table. With a room full of space, you and you should be able to get a new position. Depending on the time of day, it may be useful to send postal signals to the conference room door such as “do not disturb” or avoid distractions.


The rooftop is usually a very secluded place, especially at night. Spreading a blanket over a hard surface will be beneficial when you are having amazing outdoor sex. Depending on the location of the office, you and your partner can have great city lights views.


The boardroom makes for a stellar place to have sex during a holiday party and 21 percent of the survey’s respondents agree. Not only do you have a nice big table to work with, but you have ample chairs. And we all know having sex in a chair is a hot position to tackle.


Sex on relatively clean stairs adjacent to high floors has been regularly reviewed as one of the best places to have sex in an office building. For some couples, this can be a little painful. A thick blanket will good choice to avoid the pain.


Some couples claim that there is nothing like awesome evening sex on the boss’ desk.  It should prove to be similarly wonderful to have kinky and wild standing sex against your boss’ window.


25 percent of those who decide a work holiday party is the perfect occasion for sex, they slip out a side door, and book it to the parking lot. While cars do make for great spots for sex, it doesn’t really leave much room for legs or excitement. But it does, however, lower the chances that one of your co-workers will eye-spy your bare ass and that’s definitely something.


A linen or supply closet that is relatively spacious for the both of you is another nice spot.  Depending on the amount of space, you and your partner should be able to try many positions.  Don’t make too much mess, and keep you both quiet.


An empty elevator that stops at the middle or upper floor can be the perfect place for a scary rush. Obviously, it is necessary to delay the lift for a few minutes. Hopefully, no alarms go off with a temporary delay.

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