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Best Things to Do In Allhallows, Kent


Located on Hoo Peninsula in Kent, England, Allhallows is a village and city-parish. Located in the northeastern part of Kent, with an area of 23.99 kilometers per hour, the parish stretches north on the River Thames’ banks and east through Yantlet creek.

Here are some activity ideas you can try with your Allhallows Escorts.

Fenn Bell Inn

Fan Bell appears to be named after one of the many hours standing in the nearest swamp. This will allow passengers to find a safe route without getting lost in bad weather.

Today’s visitors can enjoy a selection of authentic white beers with traditional home-cooked menus and traditional menus made from all fresh Sunday ingredients.

Outside is where Fan Bell becomes one of the most unusual pubs in England. We are not only the first pub in the country to be given a fully licensed zoo for over one hundred rescued animals – including lemurs and monkeys – but we also run daily safari tours for young children. Ride and enjoy it.

This makes it a place for tourists to come and be amazed.

Allhallows Leisure Park Haven Holidays

Allhallows Leisure Park Haven Holidays is located in east London, not far from Dover Park. You can take a day trip to France and be back in time for dinner.

Allhallows has full day and night entertainment programs. You will continue to receive activities throughout the day. There are several exciting places near God Hello, such as the historic Navy Shipyard, Howletts Animal Park, Rochester Castle, and the Cathedral.

The British Pilot Pub and Family Restaurant

The best roast around and is highly recommended, as well as the staff, are very friendly, and the music and atmosphere are very calming and enjoyable.

The Glamvan

Our caravan is located in the very famous Heaven All Hallows Amusement Park, near Rochester, Kent. We are fortunate enough to have parking space around the corner with enough space to park comfortably on both sides.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, we completely renovated all carpets, curtains, and furniture into high definition. Usually, there are no hard wooden benches, welcome to the large corner sofa where you can relax and enjoy the fantastic sunshine from the River Thames and see the tremendous rows of screens. ۔ We also have a large 43 “TV / DVD with free display channels Gelor and an electric flame effect convenient to penetrate the front. This year we have unlimited Wi-Fi and Netflix for these rainy days.

The entire caravan in the bedroom is also double-layered with central gas heating, so you never get cold! For your convenience, dinner in the kitchen is equipped with a gas oven and stove, washing machine, fridge freezer, kettle, toaster, microwave, and even a slow cooker. Our new farmhouse style table can also accommodate six people, and we have high chairs.

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