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Classic and staple position during sex, doggy style is an excellent position for couples who like a little dominance. If you’re a fan of deep penetration, doggy style is also right because it can sometimes put pressure on your cervix, a sensitive area.

Depending on the tilt angle, the doggy style can also feel quite strong, so don’t be afraid to slow down and increase speed until you are confident enough.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your doggy style skills with your Ashley Escorts.

Maintain eye contact

Doggy style is exciting and exciting because couples do not have to maintain eye contact with each other. But if you try to get this position, try to throw some sexy looks in front of your partner and sigh whenever it feels good.

Want to avoid neck pain? Instead of supporting yourself with your hands, try leaning on the pillow towards your face; this way, your partner will have the opportunity to see your impression when entering.

Engage in dirty conversation

The best thing about dog style positioning is that you can avoid this strange eye contact, and if you are lucky enough to have it, your partner will not be able to see your face. ۔ So, if you are shy, this position is better for you to try dirty talk. Start by telling him how good it feels.

Support yourself with a pillow

If you have a firm pillow, place it under your knees to help you, and increase height when you come to each box. Changes in elevation can make the dog’s style more attractive to both parties during penetration. If you think about having sex on the floor, remember, lying down can also give carpet irritation.

Go around and hold

There is something sensational about the doggy style position and how it dominates the recipient. To create more excitement, reach around with your arms and hold the waist or butt. He will love how passionate you are about sex.

Do it in front of the mirror

Some people like to see their partner’s facial expressions when in action. If you want to stick to a doggy style but want to see your partners face, having sex in front of a mirror is the answer.

Make him happy with your hands

He puts his hand on your hip during the doggy style, but that doesn’t mean his hand can’t get involved too! May He may rub your clit or play with your breasts. If you like rough sex, he can gently scratch your back. Whatever you enjoy, be sure to communicate, so he knows what he needs to do to satisfy you.

Do it yourself

Pleasure yourself! You can always rub your clitoris. Please make sure your position is sturdy, or you can fall. Believe us, he will be happy to see you do that, and who knows, you might have an orgasm.

Use toys

If you can’t experience orgasm using toys, you should choose a toy such as a vibrator. Your partner can put it in your pants to tease you. But don’t stop there, find the use of toys even outside the doggy style position.

Do it on the sofa

The position of the doggy style on the bed is good, but have you tried it somewhere else? It is incredible! Not only does it increase sexual arousal, but it also allows you to explore with your partner.

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