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Better Orgasm with Your Ashurst Escorts


With so many obstacles in our path, can we achieve the orgasm we see in movies? Experts say that’s possible. There are various types of orgasms (some deeper than others); if you have an orgasm during regular sex, you might feel better. Here’s how:

Tools and toys

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that humor is just as important as a physical connection. But sexual chemistry can make the penis harder.

Building expectations is also crucial. When your mind is ready, it’s often more comfortable for your body to follow it. In addition to ‘toys’ that increase pleasure, tools such as lubricants can also help. For some reason, women are afraid to use lubricants. Natural lubrication is not an indication of how you were born, and many things can reduce lubrication, such as hormonal contraception, antihistamines, and stress.

Pump it up

You may have heard of Kegel, the process of strengthening muscles in the pelvic floor. Regular Kegel exercises will cause muscular contractions during orgasm. To do Kegel, contract the muscles that control urine flow, exhale after you contract, and exhale after you inhale. Do this 10 times, three times a day. You can do this exercise anytime, and no one will know.

Make it hot

Temperature is often overlooked as a critical factor in achieving the strongest orgasm, and we are not just talking about heat between sheets. Although it seems unnatural, wearing socks during sex helps you make a stronger orgasm, or better yet, you can massage your feet using hot massage oil to help the situation.

The physical connection of the brain

Regarding sexual pleasure, it is far more ‘mental’ than men for women. People say that the brain is the most important sexual organ and for a good reason. It is essential to silence disturbing thoughts that interfere with intimate time.

Emotional connections also help. Having a strong relationship with your partner strengthens the quality of lovemaking and especially an orgasm. A woman must have feelings of pleasure, appreciation, understanding, acceptance, and desire.

Don’t forget this fantasy. Imagining your partner or even reading erotic novels like 50 Shades of Gray can make sex hotter.

Spice up those senses

Before you go into business, consider a mild ‘sensation game’ so that your nerve endings can get ready. Be it a light massage with scented oils or a sensual bum massage, playing with your senses can turn some people on into more than oral sex. Consider adding eye masks, feathers, satin, candles, and more to your sexy drawer for various fun ways before enjoying the sensation of going to the bedroom.

Fake it until you make it

No, we don’t mean that you fake an orgasm. Instead, pretend you know what you are doing in the bedroom, even if you don’t.

The more sexual knowledge you have, the more you and your partner will enjoy it, and the more confidence you have. If you are not sure about trying a new movement or location or trying to do something for the first time, remember to breathe and continue. Confidence is key.

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