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Autumn Colour Trail at Hever Castle

Autumn colour at Hever Castle


Autumn Colour Trail at Hever  Castle

Visitors will be treated to glorious displays of autumn colour. Colour therapy at it’s best.

 Walks at Hever Castle

The autumn trail will be self-guided and visitors are encouraged to download maps at home and learn more about the benefits of forest bathing.

The Autumn Colour Trail is an enjoyable adventure but its even better with one of the ladies from Kent Escorts. The grounds are over 150 acres, scattered with lakes. I wonder at nature’s ability to offer colour therapy.

Simply spending time outdoors can make a splendid change to your normal weekend activities.

Hever Castle Lake

Cross the outer moat then follow the path to the Italian gardens. Autumn colour at Hever Castle is a sight to behold. Colour therapy – it comes to life here. It is here that you will find yourself alongside the Yew Maze from where you will have a picturesque view of the castle, covered in red ivy.

 Hever Castle

Half Moon Pond will mark your way to the entrance of the Italian garden.

 Half Moon Pond - Hever Castle

The 13th Century  Castle Forecourt and the Italian Garden are wheelchair accessible.

Yew Maze

The Yew Maze was developed in 1906 for  WILLIAM Waldorf Astor, and is made up of 1000 yew trees from the Netherlands and spans 6400 square feet, with its hedges around eight feet tall.

Hever Castle Yew Maze

Wealthy people created mazes for their own enjoyment. Hever Castle Yew maze was built in the Edwardian era and is now 100 years old. It is only one of a few traditionally designed mazes in the country.

Boston Ivy

Take in the astonishing beauty of the vivid shade of red of the Boston Ivy adorning the castle walls.

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing means spending time outside under a canopy of trees. It is the art of immersing oneself in the forest and soaking up the atmosphere. Visitors are encouraged to pass under the oak trees on Anne Boleyn’s Walk. The autumn trail at Hever Castle have been designed to provided maximum colour. when you take part in forest bathing, you will discover tree colour therapy. The fallen leaves create a carpet to crunch through and the slanting light throws a golden hue across the many colours of the season. There are suggested health benefits connected to forest bathing and health benefits of absorbing the colours in nature

Autumn Colour Anne Boleyn

Don’t forget to stroll across the Horse Shoe Lawn toward the Golden Stairs, taking you towards the tree-lined lane of Anne Boleyn’s walk. This is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

Hever Castle:

This walk is often missed by visitors because it is not wheelchair accessible. Autumn colour at Hever should not be missed. Remember, the grounds may be boggy, so use your discretion and bring appropriate footwear.

They have added beautiful new bedrooms in the Anne Boleyn Wing. Rumour has it that the ghost of Anne Boleyn visits the castle. This fact alone, may be good enough reason to book an overnight stay.

Hever Castle Bed and Breakfast Anne Boleyn Wing

Did I mention the sighting of wildlife, such as the great crested grebe, woodpeckers, kingfishers, and herons?

Hever Castle garden,

Lake walk offers fabulous photo opportunities of the Loggia. Take the time to look back. It is most beautiful in the morning when the sun shining on the eastern façade. Walking peacefully around the lake and you will see bird boxes that are home to blue tits, owls, woodpeckers and robins. Try to spot kingfishers, herons, crested grebes and swans on the lake. Lake walk is full of unexpected surprises and on I recommend.

At the foot of the lake you will find three second world war pill boxes used to defend a crossing point on the River Eden. This walk will most likely take about one hour if you walk at a leisurely pace.

Then we cannot forget to mention one of Lake Walk’s striking features: Chestnut Avenue on the north side.  It is at its most striking this time of the year.

Chestnut Avenue in all its glory

There is the weir, which was constructed between 1904 and 1908. It can be raised and lowered to control the water level. The colors this time of the year are astounding. The spectacular autumn tints, rusty reds, ripe orange, and rich yellow. Imagine the ivy on the castle turns decorated in these vibrant colors that follow the ground under the trees. This contributes to an explosion of color.

Have Tea at Hever Castle

Relieve yourself from the stress of your daily hustle and bustle by taking a long and leisurely walk through the calming trails at Hever Castle.

Eat at Hever Castle

Enjoy a refreshing drink and perhaps a delicious slice of cake inside the castle, but do remember your face covering.

Afternoon Tea Sample Menu


Cucumber and mint

Smoked salmon and cream cheese

Ham and rocket


Selection of cakes and delicacies

Mini fruit and plain scone served strawberry jam and clotted cream


Savoury tart

Homemade sausage roll

A selection of English breakfast, fruit and herbal teas

Cafetière coffee

There may be last minute changes to the menu, however, call to confirm if Afternoon Tea will be served on the day of your visit. Alternatively, pack a picnic and enjoy tea on the lawns.


Luxury Bed & Breakfast  Hever Castle

Should you feel like continuing the Hever Castle experience beyond just the trails and lakes, you can stay overnight in their Five-star Luxury Bed and Breakfast, located in the Anne Boleyn and  the  Astor Wing.

There are 28 stunning bedrooms located at Hever Castle, surrounded by the Kent countryside.

Alternatively, you can also book a holiday cottage, Medley Court, which is attached to Astor Wing.

All in all, a magnificent day best spent with a companion, to have someone to share the astounding experience with.


Hever Castle Golf Club

As if all of the above is not enough, they also have a 27 hole Championship Course. All forming part of the Hever Castle Estate, set in 250 acres of Kent countryside. You will be welcomed, no matter your level of experience  – beginner to experienced players.

Golf Breaks are in line with Bed and Breakfast lead times. You can book up to six months in advance.


Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing

Check out their classes and treatments on their website. Perfect for your companion while you are out golfing. Once again, simply spending time outdoors hold many health benefits. With all the natural colour at Hever Castle it makes being healthy so easy. Like a lake walk, it is calming and you will feel revived.