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How to Give Your Acol Escorts Proper French Kiss

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Anyone can give a French kiss, but how to give the French kiss of your life? Knowing some of the best techniques to french kiss that will make your Acol Escorts beg you for more. It will only take a few minutes, and you will be equipped with skills that will last you a lifetime.

Tickling soft

After the first few kisses, slightly rub your partner’s lips with the tip of your tongue. You don’t want to be frustrated if you can’t get the right tone, so brush the lips gently like a butterfly’s wings. That move hides the colourful innocence with a willingness to find, and it can be lovely for the person on the recieving end.

Soft murmur

Couples share a thrilling kiss, after a while, “Mmm …” It lets your partner know how much you enjoy the kiss, but it also creates gentle vibrations on the lips that can cause bundles of happiness.

Be careful not to mess it up too much because it can be annoying and even a little fake. When you feel the kiss, let your body take over naturally, this will ensure a more natural experience.


This technique offers a great way to start communicating with the art of kissing, but it is also great for kissers who enjoy such experienced techniques.

What to do with your tongue

Start with gentle rubbing as mentioned above, then gently press the tip of your tongue to your partner’s lips. When your partner opens their mouth to accept you, slowly put your tongue in their mouth and then pull back. You can continue to place your tongue in and out. Watch your partner’s reaction and do what comes natural to both of you.


If you want to communicate more between the two, a little twist in this body language in order, this involves stroking the tip of your tongue on to the tip of your partner’s tongue in a circular motion. To raise the heat, you can switch between racing and riding for dramatic tongue changes.


After it all goes to plan, try to pull back after a short rest, and then part your partner’s lower lip. You must be careful not to hurt your partner. Your kiss is intended to excite your partner by adding a little element of danger.


Sucking is a risky endeavour, but it can produce amazing results if your partner enjoys it. When they place their tongue in your mouth, suck it lightly for a while before releasing it. If your partner likes it, they will come back for more, and this will be a great hint of what your partner prefers or is into.


Attacking is a brave step designed to get a great response, and you should only do it if your partner is fully in touch with the french kiss. When the moment feels right, place your tongue in your partner’s mouth using a bolted and rolling mixture.

When you attack, this technique is great, but you still have to be careful not to overdo it. If not, you risk choking your partner, which can ruin a beautiful kiss and an intimate moment.


You begin to caress each other’s faces gently, French kissing doesn’t happen straight away. You both naturally want to hug each other, but you can also use your hands to extend a kiss. Other parts of the body are also involved in kissing with tongue movements.


Place your partner’s face in your hand for a few moments. You can rub their cheek with your thumb when you first tilt your head to one side and then slowly move to the other side. You can also cup their face and gently trace your fingers at their jaw line.

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