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Best 8 Tips for Outdoor Sex

Outdoor sex is not just for hiking or for young parents trying to find a place to get away from their kids – having sex outside is comfort for many couples. And it can get wild. But, having sex outdoors requires a little more planning and caution. If you are stuck for outdoor sex positions, find some below:

The hydrant

Have one partner sit on the ground (with a blanket or towel under your butt) and perform oral sex while the other partner stands up.

Pitch a tent

Tents offer privacy. But if you camp at a campsite together, you might want to be a little more careful as people may not see you but they could definitely hear you. There are some positions you can find in the kama sutra book to help make the use of space or lack of. For this, the recipient is leaning towards them with their arms as supporters. Then the recipient raises her legs slightly so that the recipient is inside. Let them in.

Lawn Mower

For this step, the recipient puts his hand on the ground, so that his body is bent like the downward dog’s yoga position facing down. To control the depth and speed of penetration, the hands stand behind the recipient’s hips. Try it on the lawn, so that the recipient’s hand feels comfortable to relax.

Reverse cowgirl

Having sex on the beach is an obvious cliche, but sand can actually make things more comfortable as it gets into places we rather wouldn’t have it. It provides a cushion, and it will fit your body. But make sure you bring a towel or blanket, or there will be sand everywhere. If the reverse cowgirl usually hurts the recipient’s knee, try it on the sand, and it might be a little more comfortable.

Tree Pose

A tree is a natural support for outdoor sex, because it is stable and upright, which makes it ideal for sex positions that require some additional stability. For this to work, the female will lean against a tree with her arms in front of her body, and then her partner will stand behind where he will enter. If you feel acrobatic, you can also try to face your partner. In this case, the female will put her back on the tree and wrap her legs around her partner.


For this position, the receiver points in the side saddle position towards the end of the bed. The giver then sits on the edge of the bench, and the receiver positions their body so that they sit on the penis or donor object.

Assisted missionary

Pool floats are not only individual props, but they also help missionaries. It can also improve sexual orgasms. Position the float pool under the receiver to slightly change the angle of penetration. Be sure to keep this step from water, because having sex in water can be a problem. Having sex in the pool or hot tub sounds sexy, but it is usually tricky for various reasons, including lubricating it. Condoms disappear, and the use of condoms is almost impossible.

Picnic spread

Patio furniture can be expensive so that you can use it. If you have an outside table, sit on a bench with your fingertips seated on the table, and face the recipient. In this position, the recipient wants to wrap their feet around the giver to add friction. Leela recommends that you keep the blanket comfortable and place it under your chair to prevent possible damage.

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