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There are certain essential pieces of fashion that arguably belong in every woman’s closet, like a simple pair of flats or a perfect white T-shirt. But often left off of these lists of wardrobe basics are must-have types of lingerie. This, in Kent Escorts’s honest opinion, is a big oversight because good lingerie is the foundation to any outfit, and pairing the right kind of lingerie with the right ensemble can elevate your look (not to mention your confidence) in a big way. 


A babydoll is something like a flimsy nightdress, usually cut off at the thigh and with light, thin straps. They are often made of silk or another flowing material and have a slight swing to give them a girly and flirtatious touch.

They have padded or shaped cups that can enhance smaller breasts. They can also be a great choice for ladies who are less confident about their waist-line or hip area as they tend to flow out from just below the chest. Their thin straps can also help to reduce the impression of broad shoulders.


As a one-piece swimsuit is to a bikini, the bodysuit is to the bra-and-panties set. Like a leotard, it covers from shoulders to hips, often with a closure at the crotch. Some bodysuits can be paired with pants or skirts as a top that never needs to be tucked in; the racier ones are a fun alternative to lingerie sets with multiple pieces. Bodysuits offer some shaping and smoothing, as well as breast support. The material can range from lace to sheer to everything in between, so you’ll be able to find something as cute as it is comfortable.

A body suit is different from a body stocking in that it only covers from the shoulder to the top of the legs, rather like a one-piece swimming costume. There are usually fastenings either at the shoulder or at the bottom to help get the item on and off.


When most people think of lingerie the idea of matching tops and bottoms instantly springs to mind. Matching lingerie sets have long been considered the ultimate in style and indulgence. These can be purchased together like a bikini or as separate items which can also extend to include additional matching pieces.

Initially, a lingerie set includes matching bra and knickers, although there may be a number of different types of lingerie briefs on offer to create a set that suits the shape and personal taste of every woman. The colour and material are usually exactly the same.

From racy lace that makes you feel glamorous to pretty cute patterns with embroidery or sewn in details that make you feel youthful and feminine, a matching lingerie set can help every woman look and feel amazing.


Just as the name implies, a body stocking is made of fine material with a little elastic or lycra so it clings to the body from the neck to the toe. Different designs can include plunging necklines with thinner straps while others include full arms. Since the material is usually very light or sheer, a body stocking can be incredibly revealing although different varieties include intricate lace patterns or different panels for the sake of modesty. Worn beneath other clothes, a body stocking can create a striking look by matching arms and legs in a sultry feminine style.


Probably one of the only type of lingerie that is often left on view, a camisole is a little like a flimsy vest that can be worn beneath a low cut top or jacket to avoid revealing more than you would like. They often have a pretty detail along the top that makes them more attractive, such as a floral edging.

These are usually cut to flatter your shape but are worn fairly loose. They are often made of silk or shimmering fabric that both looks appealing and feels indulgent against your skin. A camisole can be worn on its own or matched with short-style bottoms in the same floaty material.

They can be a luxurious and sensual alternative to a nightdress. They suit most shapes given their looseness and swing and can be cut at the waist or hips to draw attention to these areas.

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