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How to Do a proper Beach Sex

How to Do a proper Beach Sex

If you ever have the desire to having sex on the beach, why don’t you read the tips below:

1. Time is the essence.

Nighttime is clearly the most comfortable time because it is dark and is usually absent. (This is the only time you can escape on most US beaches with a full bath.) But if you find yourself on the beach, worrying about anything other than heat and sun, you have, and the options are Scouting Location. Find an isolated section of sand (preferably two) and preferably accessed only at one entrance (so you can see who is coming).

2. Sand is your vulva’s enemy

There are several precautions you can take to avoid crotching Sand. Bring a giant towel or beach blanket that fits you both. Or, better yet, build a baby with a family-like one and bring one of these portable beach cabins to give you maximum coverage. (Your skin will also thank you!)

3. Position yourself wisely.

Even though the film is playing, missionary beaches are not ideal for sex. For example, say that instead of trying your best to avoid being seen, you might be led by glasses. Naked bums are dead give away that you are being naughty. Instead, I suggest hitting the spoon (and if you’re wearing a bathing suit, moving the floor down is easy). You can even sit facing him on his lap and wrap your legs around him. But make sure to have a towel wrapped around your shoulder for privacy. And please pay attention to crabs.

4. Calculate it.

After the logistics run out, the natural part is now: just enjoy it—sex on romantic beaches. And, to be honest, this doesn’t work that you can do every day. So take a moment to listen to the waves that fall on the beach, or if it is night, watch this beautiful starry sky.

5. Rinse (and repeat!).

Okay, so it’s likely you will end up gritty (and somewhat sticky). Here’s the best part: Water is only a few steps away. Swim and clean the sediment you have taken in this action. I assure you that the waves and salty sea make a kind of limp aftermarket.

If you can’t wait for summer, raise your hand!

Have you ever had sex on the beach? Is this successful? If you don’t have one, do you want to try?

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