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Overseas holidays can be expensive, especially during school and half-semester breaks. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t leave. Even leaving the county, you can enjoy a staycation in Kent with your Kent Escort! Kent has some great views and views that you may never have explored in full, even if you have lived here for years. Living in Kent can be a great time to get away from everyday busy life. In addition, you will have the opportunity to post on social media about what beautiful places you live in. So if you have the idea of a staycation, there are several places close to Kent that are perfect for a short vacation.

Groombridge Place

Have a staycation in Kent at Groombridge Place and the enchanted forest, it’s the best place to visit. It may only be a short walk from home, but once you get there, you will feel the world that is far from here. There is a forest land to explore, and some activities take place in the enchanted forest, from the experience of walking on trees to birds of prey to participating. This is the perfect place for a relaxing session, and in touch with nature, with all the usual obstacles. There are many hotels, vacation homes, and even campsites, so you turn them into real holiday experiences.

Historic retreat

If you like to spend time on vacation, there are many historic sites in Kent that you can plan to visit while on your staycation. Dover Castle and Hever Castle are the most impressive castles in England, and they are both close by in South East England. Being a huge tourist attraction, there are plenty of accommodations around this palace, so you and your companion can become fresh-eyed tourists in your area. Both activities run every day, so your little one can be fully involved in the historical setting. Historic landscapes also bring lots of things to learn, and you will feel more informed than ever before.

Beach view

Located on the south coast of England, Kent has been blessed with some beautiful coastal cities that make it a permanent destination. Whether you are travelling to Broadstairs, Dungeness, or St Mildreds Bay, you can enjoy the beautiful British beaches with your special companion. Kent might not be like Tenerife or Majorca, but after you stay, it will have the same sandy toes and happy memories from it. And now you armed with the list of the best staycation ideas, now you ready to call us for a Kent escort to accompany you. 

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