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Your Sex Horoscope for October

Kent Escorts: Your Sex Horoscope for October Is Here

Intimacy is essential when you are in a romantic relationship, but there are a number of factors involved. Setting the right mood for you and your partner is everything, which is why your monthly sex horoscope for October 2020 may not be so “sexy,” and there are many reasons for this. Remember, each factor affects each one differently according to your birth chart, so don’t go overboard.

Aries horoscope : You are so busy that it’s hard to think; let me relax

Aries, the ruler of your planet, Mars, is retreating through your mark, which is enough to kick you in the back and give you the breadth it deserves. Lady Venus is also active because of your sixth home, so your mind is elsewhere.

Taurus horoscope : You’re in the mood, but you’re also overwhelmed

Taurus, take some time for yourself. Move your heart to the dazzling fifth house for most of the month, even though Venus, your arrogant planetary ruler, Mars is currently retreating through sleep, secret, and unconscious patterns from your 12th home.

Gemini horoscope : You demand everyone’s attention, just for that reason

Gemini, make a decision. The Mars Retreat is utterly sleepy, and it currently highlights your 11th home and draws attention to the little drama that takes place in your group of friends and helps you become a part of the world. There is also a feeling.

Cancer horoscope : You get used to the idea of work

Pluto automatically compensates for sexual energy in your relationship by placing it directly in your partner’s field, but by highlighting your career area behind Mars, you will be exposed to everything that goes on in your professional life.

Leo horoscope : Sex can help relieve stress

Leo, watch the prize. Don’t think about things that you can’t control. With the light of your ninth home on Mars shining brightly, you tend to ignore the future.

Virgo: The irony is that you feel more than usual

Virgo, you are always standing. This month, Mars Retrograde is really working to please you, as it gives erotic sex your eighth home. In addition, by refining Venus’s beauty with your signature, you shine with charm and sensuality. Self-love is a turn on.

Libra: You keep secrets because it’s more fun

Join your emotions in your birthday season, Libra? Mars also retreats in your partnership area, automatically igniting the fire between you and your significant other.

Scorpio: You work non-stop, but you are still in the mood

Be physical, Scorpio. Whether from exercising or in the bedroom, retreating to Mars will touch the sixth home of your health, responsibility, and perseverance, so you will likely seek mental and physical calm.

Sagittarius: You don’t feel like yourself right now

Don’t stop, and you slow down. Your fifth home with the God of War is suffering from love, creativity, inspiration, and greed. You may feel a lack of desire in many ways.

Capricorn: Your sophisticated temperament is sexier than ever

You are amazing. Mars retreats through your fourth home, your family, and emotional foundations, you put emotions up your sleeves, and it takes everyone away from the barrier but in the best way.

Aquarius: You conquer everything, including your life

This is a sign of your official breakup, Aquarius. With the echoes of Mars in your third home of communication, you are more involved in dominating everything from your relationship to your desire for freedom. Communication will set you free, so speak up.

Pisces horoscope : You relate to your desires

Although a symbol of secret water, the path to go is also an ocean of passion when you want it. Mars’ retreat was meant to help you understand this, and Venus that strayed in your sphere of the partnership was abandoned.

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