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Restaurants in Langley Heath

Langley Heath

If you ever happen to visit Langley Heath, Kent, you need to check out the best restaurants in the town below:

Cock Inn

Elizabeth’s pub, Cock Inn, has been serving delicious food and drinks in the village of Botan Monchelsia since 1568.

This is a picture book pub, both inside and outside, where you will be welcomed with a hanging basket and a smoky white walls, and when you cross the threshold, there are open beams and a cozy Anglican fireplace. Welcome

Not far from Maidstone’s center and four miles from Leeds Castle, Cock Inn is a regular stop for people visiting. But the promise of attractive rural cuisine attracts visitors from all over – the dining room is trendy for traditional affairs.

Listed in the 2016 Good Beer Guide, Cocktail is also the perfect place for a relaxing drink, world wine and other delicious beverages available at the bar. Really, in terms of enthusiasm, cocktails have more than one thing. On three separate occasions, three different claimants have identified a ghost named George!

Whether you are looking for an unusual, perfect beer or lunch at a proper pub after exploring Leeds Castle, Lund Inn awaits you to welcome you immediately.

Chilterns Hundreds

Being in Penenden Heath, amidst the fantastic beauty of Kent Downs, Chiltern Hundreds is a tremendous rural pub with an extraordinary focus. The detection of Kent inside with an old-world atmosphere is a pleasant place. Chiltern Hands is located not far from Junction 7 on M20, only 12 minutes from Leeds Castle, ‘the most beautiful castle in the world,’ with 500 hectares of beautiful gardens.

Chilterns Hundreds will welcome you, and the only problem might be choosing from such an excellent menu, from tasty old favorites and seasonal specials that fill you right up, big Sunday fruits, with such a variety of choices. Fine wine and casseroles. In the Gund Day Book, written as ‘Pinnedenna,’ its name is taken from the ancient English ‘Penenden Heath, ‘ which means ‘to punish.’ During the dark ages of the Middle Ages, and also its name, Pandon Heath was where Kent’s landlords gathered to receive relevant notifications.

If they did not take part in it, they had to pay the king a charge of one hundred shillings. The signing of Heath may be famous for his involvement in the peasant uprising of 1381. The pay was frozen and a direct revolt against pond taxes. During the battle, rebel leader, Watt Tyler, led a crowd of protesters from Pennon Heath to Union Street and Maidstone before marching in London to fight Richard II.

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