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Restaurants In Maidstone - Best Restaurants in Maidstone

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The Best Restaurants in Maidstone

Restaurants in Maidstone is known as some of the best restaurants in Kent. The Michelin guide is a great way to find high end restaurants with a great selection of food a drink. Whether you are going for lunch to get a bite to eat or are planning on taking a Kent Escort to discover a great fine dining restaurant with some great food. The Hilton Maidstone has a restaurant called the seasons restaurant which is one of these great restaurants that offer Fine dining. The British contemporary food it serves is picture perfect from its award-winning streak perfectly accompanied a selection of wines.

About Restaurants in Maidstone

Maidstone is a very important town for food producing, the variety of local produce is never ending, whilst the markets in Maidstone are well known for being one of the finest foods and drink. The best places to shop in Maidstone are farm shops, village shops and markets.  Pubs and restaurants in Maidstone (especially gastro pubs) will always try and use local produce so that you can enjoy mouth-watering menus. Many of the local produce include ice creams, fruits, veg, cheeses, wines and ciders. 

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Castle View- Leeds Castle

Castle view restaurant is a high end, well established restaurant that provides lunch and dinner menu as well as afternoon tea. The view from this restaurant will leave you mesmerised, we can honestly say it is one of the most sought-after restaurants for special occasions or romantic dates. Taking your Maidstone escorts, will surely score you some brownie points. Dinner with a breathtaking view is a serious understatement. 

If you prefer a more laid-back type of scene then maybe the maze cafe, whistle stop cafe or seasonal kiosk may be one to pay a visit to. If you would rather take a breather from your busy day and only wants to enjoy a coffee or tea whilst taking in the breath-taking scenery, then head to the small cafes. The good thing about Leeds castle is that there is something for everyone. The needs for their customer have been met and whether you just fancy a look around, a romantic dinner or maybe a coffee in peace, they have it all for you!

The Hilton Maidstone

Hilton Maidstone is an excellent choice for afternoon tea with a wide selection of sandwiches, sweets and warm scones with jam and clotted cream as well a selection of different types of teas and coffees. It is recommended that you pre-book, whilst the opening times are Monday to Friday 12.00pm until 5.00pm afternoon tea at the Hilton is very popular.

hilton maidstone
cafe cinno
Cafe Cinno

Cafe Cino is a quiet cafe to read your morning paper while you enjoy a warm beverage, or maybe an intimate catch up with one of your special Kent Escorts. Delicious sandwiches, snacks and salads are also served here making it the perfect spot for a relaxed meeting with work colleagues.

Season’s restaurant serves a traditional cuisine with an extremely elegant setting. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here and with such a relaxed ambience it is the perfect spot to chill out with friends over a fine glass of wine and traditional dishes. The food on the menu is mouth-watering but you could have mouth-watering company with our Maidstone escorts. Whatever your taste is the menu could cater to your needs and we could cater for you taste in women with one of our escorts in Kent so you can enjoy the Kent life to the fullest.

The Yew Tree Sandling

Some of the most popular restaurants in Maidstone include the yew tree in which serves the most popular pubs in the area. This pub also has great scenery and is one of the most popular in the area. The square fish is another popular option with seafood options and a great location and some French inspiration. If you wanted someone to help you get rid of some built up stress, then a Kent escort would be able to do just this.

If you fancy a more flavoursome food such as an Indian, Mediterranean, Italian or more tradition French options there is some authentic restaurants you could visit in Maidstone. visitors to these places love the variety of the menus. Some of the best restaurants in the area are available for lunch or dinner but advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment. 

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All of the fancy food and places is nice with their awards but sometimes you can’t beat a pizza with different cheeses. The herbalist is the number 1 place to dine in, this stunning restaurant doesn’t need no filters as it shows of its Italian heritage and modernises it with a bar to enjoy the evening. If you explore around the venue, they have an eye-catching green design on their walls which makes a good backdrop for a picture while in one of the best restaurants in Maidstone. This restaurant may not have made the Michelin guide, but you wouldn’t realise due to the flavours and fund environment they create. Not to mention the succulent cheese they have on their Pizza’s.