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The second oldest diaspora chair in England, Rochester, is located at an ancient crossing on the Medway River, which is miraculously protected by a fortified castle in the Middle East. The Rochester Cathedral combines Roman and Gothic architecture, with a Western front that is nearly 900 years old. Charles Dickens, who lives near Higham, likes Rochester and works in many places at its landmarks, such as East Gate House and Sussex Traveler’s House. Around the river crossing, Rochester is Chatham, which has a Royal Navy shipyard with a legacy of nearly 500 years of shipbuilding. Let’s explore the best things to do in Rochester:

Rochester Castle

A British architectural masterpiece Norman Romanesque, Rochester Castle guards London Road against its bumps along the Midway River. The durable structure is a square robe made of Kentish stone and was erected during the reign of Henry I in the 1120s. This three-story building is only more than 35 meters long, and its entrance is protected by an extension that allows attackers to climb narrow stairs. In some places, the promontory wall was four meters thick and tested in three sieges. King John succeeded in weakening the southeast using fire that began with lard in 1215. In the chapel, you can find examples of what the 14th-century Rochester Castle was like, while the palace courtyard featured open-air theater and cinema shows throughout the summer.

Rochester Cathedral

The church has been a place of worship for centuries, but today’s buildings date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. It was a transition between Norman and Gothic and early English cathedrals integrating both styles. The western front is Norman, seen in a row of blind arcades, and the most ornate archetypes and tympanums portray Christ in glory at the glorious entrance. Before entering Nova, before the Gothic design won, the six bays were also Norman. To the east of the North Tower is the Gandolf Tower, a fragment of an old building dating from the early 12th century and now used as a private entrance to the churc

Guildhall Museum

A magnificent Barco urban monument, Guild Hall, is located on Rochester High Street and stood since the end of the 17th century. When you enter, you must avoid dangerous plaster roofs at the entrance and stairs, which were presented to the Guild Hall in 1695 by Sir Claude Schulz, a member of the local parliament. This museum is a journey through Medway’s human history, starting 200,000 years ago with a flashing ax that you can touch. An example of the siege at Rochester Castle is an exhibition of Roman household appliances from Perrin Roman Villa, a discovery room dedicated to Charles Dickens, 19th-century prison hall and Victorian kitchen, and living room reconstruction. What you won’t find anywhere else is a set of 18th-century cabinet-making tools that claim to be the most complete in the world.

Rochester High Street

Rochester High Street is lovely and sometimes feels like a movie mode, built from north to southeast, and coated with gas lamps. Hundreds of years of architecture, from museums, Tudor barracks houses, and weather huts to townhouses of the 17th and 18th centuries, have been preserved in white. This list includes many attractions on High Street, such as East Gate House, Guild Hall, and even in the southeast wing of the cathedral. The Meadow Visitor Center and the Huguenot Museum are housed in a beautiful slender building with small lanterns. One of the great things about High Street is the absence of a national chain.

Eastgate House

After five years of reform, Eastgate House was reopened to the public. It is one of the treasures of High Street, an Elizabethan townhouse that was completed in 1591. The property certainly attracted Charles Dickens’s attention, because East Gatehouse appears as the West Gate in Pokémon Papers and Nun House in the Mystery of Edwin Druid. Eastgate House was the residence of a senior officer at the Royal Tudor Dockyard in the 16th century and has been a boarding and boarding school since the 19th century.
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