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11 Best Reasons For Rough Sex

Top 10 Best Reasons For Having Great Rough Sex

Sex is great – it’s one of the best things you can do with your time. There are many ways to do this, and when you find a good match, it will all feel great. I’m a big fan of rough sex, personally. Here are why rough sex is the best sex to try with one of our super sexy Kent Escorts

Reason Number 1 - The passion level is off the charts

When sex gets a little rough, it automatically raises the emotional factor, and that’s not a bad thing. Some hair pulling here or a little slap on the butt there can intensify the act to new extreme pleasures.

Reason Number 2 - You can do it when you are mad at her

In fact, it’s like a perfect fight for both of you. Don’t want to fight again? There is no other way to endure frustration and aggression through a make-up rough sex.

Reason Number 3 - Punishing her in the best way

Sometimes, under the right circumstances, the pain feels good. When your orgasm is a little off track, mixing emotions can make the process even more exciting.

Reason Number 4 - It's never boring

When it comes to having sex, although soft and sensual can be nice sometimes, it can get a little too routine and way too boring. Somehow during sex, you don’t have to worry about whether you will be in the zone all the time or not because there is no way you can ignore it.

Reason Number 5 - It opens you up to many different experiences

Somehow, rough sex opens the door for you to try different fantasies and other types of sex. This allows you and your partner to be innovative and experimental in terms of position, location, and even roles. Whatever your fantasies are, there is a high probability that sex will be compatible to some extent.

Reason Number 6 - It is full of different emotions

It is possible to ‘fall in love’ with sex to some extent because of these emotional accusations. And when emotions are involved, sex is so much better.

Reason Number 7 - It's a worthy thing to do, and it has to end there

Some forms of sex take away the basic instincts we all feel. However, we are animals driven by these mountains, and when you add a little rudeness to the bedroom, it fulfils their desire.

Reason Number 8 - I love being told what to do in the bedroom

I love a man who will take over and put me in my place in the bedroom. In my everyday life, I have to be the boss every day, so when it comes to sex, I want to live with that power for a while and guide it.

Reason Number 9 - Sex, when angry, is much hotter

Literally and figuratively, there is an aspect of warmth about anger, violent sex that cannot be compared. You’re sweaty and alive, and that makes for great Tantric love.

Reason Number 10 - This allows for acting out your fantasy

Want to talk a little dirty during sex sessions? Well, rough sex is the best for that anyway. I’d never let a man call me a dirty promiscuous woman in real life, but there’s something really hot about it when he’s inside me.

Our girls here at 007 Kent Escorts like it rough

With our Kent Escorts you can always make your put fantasies, a reality. Whether you are in the mood for doing it gently, slowly, or even rough, our Kent Escorts will make sure you love it! Advise us and tell us what your fantasies are and we will make it possible!

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