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Sex Dolls Recommendations

Sex Dolls Recommendations

It’s okay, it shouldn’t make you feel nervous, you don’t need to understand it, and you can satisfy your sexual desires at the same time – ladies and gentlemen, sex dolls! You may have heard of them or found them on the internet, the reality of these sex dolls is history, and it is more complicated than just blowing toys. Let’s open the package and learn about this growing trend in the sex industry, right?

What is a sex doll?

Sex dolls are toys designed for sex, such as dildos, but are more active in the bedroom. Sex dolls come as a complete package and feature the world’s hottest women, with the perfect size and “ideal” assets.

Sex dolls are considered to be aesthetically pleasing, with features such as height, facial features, fingers, and toes that look like the real deal. And like any toy, the doll is adjusted according to client preferences. From usual petite Asian female to beautiful European women, there are dolls for every type.

In the 15th century, the sex dolls we know today were made for sailors who had a long journey on the sea. This female doll was made of sewn cloth. Later, during World War II, the Nazis found sex dolls to help prevent their soldiers from dying from PMS. The whole project is called “Guyheim Reichsche,” translated as ‘Top Secret.’

Three puppets were made for the soldiers: Type A with a front 168 cm, Type B with a body 176 cm, and Type C with 182 cm. The doll also needs hips so that she will have a womanly curvy shape to give the man a better grip. On the face, they wanted to adopt the “blasphemous and mischievous look” of one of the actresses, even though she refused.

Although they all lead to the same thing, technically, not all sex dolls are created equal. There are various types of sex dolls available in the market. Initially, sex dolls had a cheap reputation because they were mainly inflatable and disposable. At present, there are more options available for buyer prices.

Inflatable/blow-up sex dolls

Blow-up sex doll
Price: $73.97

Using PVC, high-quality vinyl, and rubber, and TPR (thermoplastic rubber), inflatable sex dolls are durable and cost-effective versions of sex toys – because they don’t look realistic. Sex dolls that explode mainly masturbate in nature, with ticklers and unique teasers applied to the vagina and anus to increase pleasure.

Fabric and stuffed sex dolls

Fabric Sex Doll
Price: $690

Think of a life-size doll, separate it from the tea party, use it for other purposes, and pretend to be a child. This type of doll is more dynamic than realistic and serves a niche market. They are very soft and portable. Stuffed toys come with a gap to insert the vagina into the vagina so that the substance is safe.

TPE Sex Dolls

Meet Sex Doll Maddie
Price: $1,575

TPE sex dolls are made with a special type of thermoplastic rubber that uses a polymer mixture made from materials, including thermoplastics and elastomeric. The result is a doll that is very soft to the touch and even feels like real leather. TPE sex dolls are very flexible, resilient, and can withstand extreme stresses during heavy exercise. This doll is also relatively compared to silicone sex dolls. Cheap

Silicone sex dolls

Meet Sex Doll Elva
Price: $2,350

Known as the best, silicone sex dolls use high-quality silicone to make the doll look more realistic in terms of appearance and feel. The same material is used for breast transplants, which means that this doll is very soft, durable, and irreplaceable. They can withstand more water exposure and stress than other types of dolls. Because these dolls have a high price tag, expect realistic features with beautiful results, various adjustments such as heating features or removable parts, and more care and maintenance measures.

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