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Sex dolls that will be mistaken for real humans.

The future of technology is rapidly changing and we are all very excited when it comes to the development of artificial intelligence. A.I is both a frightening and exciting at the same time. frighting as in will robots become smarter than us, take over the world and destroy us all? We have all seen those movies were the robots get out of hand and almost wipe out the human race. The reality is no one knows what the future holds and how far we can go with A.I but what we do know is that the advances we have with technology the future is going to look different. 

The idea that strong AI would ultimately succeed was long thought of as science fiction,  that was centuries  away. However, thanks to recent breakthroughs, many AI milestones, which experts viewed as decades away merely five years ago, have now been reached. which leads many experts take the possibility of super intelligence in our lifetime more serious.

What does it mean for the sex industry?

With the advancement of A.I life-like sex dolls could be so real you can’t tell the difference. Remember that movie The Stepford Wives, where husbands replace their partners with sexually subservient spouses. Now that can become a reality in the near future. Sex robots are set to become so real that we may not be able to tell them apart from humans, it’s claimed. A.I could possibly create a population of sexy “babe bots’ that will be walking among us incognito. 

There are currently dolls that area already realistic looking, so based on what the robotics industry can already do and are set to do the future of human like dolls is not far away.

These predictions are not coming out of thin air, they are based on testing of Harmony, a AI-powered sex robot made by US-based firm Realbotix. 

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