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“This isn’t about you; it’s about everyone.”

If you think that coronavirus is not a significant factor in the spread of viruses, think again. You have the potential to exacerbate this epidemic.

This is because coronavirus is more contagious and more deadly than the common cold. One person can easily pass it on to another person without realizing it, and they transmit it to more people, creating a terrible snowball effect.

The good news is, just as you can quickly spread the virus to others, you can easily avoid spreading it – if you are willing to stay home. That’s right – just by sitting in your bed, you have the potential to save lives.

To find out the reason, see the concept below. This shows how a person with the coronavirus transmits the virus to three other people (some experts say the three are average, although others estimate that the infectious disease is slightly less). It can quickly create public health dreams that affect thousands of people. People but also shows how one can reduce this effect through social distance. By avoiding offices, barbecues, airports, etc., one can lose the opportunity to infect as many people as possible.

A striking example of this trend is the woman known as Patient 31. There were only 30 cases of COVID 19 in South Korea until, in February, she became infected and accidentally began to spread the virus. Despite having a fever, she had lunch with a friend at a hotel and attended church services, and made physical contact with many worshipers. Over several days, hundreds of people from the church and surrounding areas had tested positive for Covid-19.

You don’t want to be Patient 31!

That’s why if you are young and healthy and mistakenly believe that the virus cannot kill you (it could), you want to stay home to protect others – especially the elderly and immunocompromised people who are at high risk of death if they contract COVID 19, as well as health care workers who must put themselves at risk every day.

Solve mathematical infections

Believe it or not, through the simple act of staying at home, you can save many people – even thousands – from viruses.

However, the coronavirus is more contagious than the common cold. Experts are still trying to detect R0, and yet, that is not a sure thing to do because diseases behave differently in different environments, and some people (known as “super spreaders”) are more susceptible to infectious diseases than others. But the World Health Organization says most estimates of the coronavirus are about 2 or 2.5, while some estimates put the figure at 3.11. Montgomery uses R0 3 to do the calculations.

So each person passes three in it – now it doesn’t feel much different, but if each of the three moves into three and in 10 layers, I have 59,000 people.

If you are responsible enough to think that you don’t mind if you catch a cold, remember it’s not about you – it’s about everyone.

Even though the beneficiaries are very hidden, it may be challenging to act realistically – however, you will not be able to see your grandparents or your nurse who saved you from being sick – keep in mind that the benefits remain real. ۔

Every day when you practice social distance during epidemics, you do it for others, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people, with a little kindness. So if you can, stay home. This is the easiest way to be brave.

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