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Discover Kent Town with a city tour, leisure pubs, and a booming spa town Tunbridge Wells existed thanks to the discovery of the Chalybeate Springs in the early 1600s, but many older visitors – including Queen Victoria – placed the city firmly on the map and protected it as a ‘Kingdom’ in 1909. Taken areas welded with a natural beauty beyond usual at the center of the plateau, thanks to Buzz Center, Postcard Perfect Pantiles, and Eddie Click Around, fans still enjoy it today.

walking trails

Walk along with the pentacle, the historic heart of Tunbridge Wells. The only way to avoid Georgia’s majesty in this city is to look for a colonial footpath consisting of shops and beautiful bars and cafes.

Dunorlan Park

Take a walk around the beautiful 78 acres, Dunorlan Park, by Robert Marnock, a famous Victorian gardener in the 1860s. If the sun is shining, Qatar or Pedello Order around the lake, before taking Vistas with its grassy slopes for a picnic in the countryside.

Stop for lunch

If the cake is calling, make a line for a vintage-themed Juliet Cafe on the highway – the most appropriate choice around, as well as lots of lively salads and delicious sandwiches. You might not remember the Thackeray Restaurant in a historic building, owned by writer William McPace Thackeray.

go on an adventure

Tunbridge Wells is surrounded by some of the most beautiful cities in Kent. Go on and explore parts of Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk. Bewl Water Adventure Park and Ashdon Forest, also known as 100 hectares of Winnie the Pooh wood, are close by.


When it comes to cozy pubs, you are spoiled for choice where you can return with a pint of local tools, but if your craft beer bags are too many, try Fuggles Beer Cafe. It offers more than 120 different European beers – as well as a selection of gin and whiskey that is hard to beat.

If you only do one thing

See Scotney Castle, within a short walking distance. It has a fairy tale when it is revealed, where Elizabeth’s feudal house and distorted fourteenth-century castle are wrapped in wisteria and roses. It’s also full of mysteries and stories: You can see this ‘Priest Hole’ where a Catholic priest hid from persecution for seven years in the late 1500s.

And if you stay overnight, wake up here.

Holidaymakers may not be able to go to Tunbridge Wells today to fetch water, but it will become peaceful after you meet at the spa hotel if it is peace and comfort. In this 18th-century country house, not far from the pantile, you can find bright rooms, high ceilings, luxurious interiors, 14 hectares of light land, and a quiet lake from where you can go. ۔ Take a deck chair and get stuck in a book or head to a steam sauna or spa before enjoying fish and pizza out of an outdoor oven on the terrace.