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People assume visiting escorts or prostitutes is straightforward. They wham bam thank you, mam, pay for sex & leave. When newbies start to scroll online, they quickly realise there are thousands of women & private workers to choose from, hundreds of profiles to visit & varying services.

Then the worry of being caught by your partner. If you are married or in a relationship, the dreaded phone call to book a woman, and all the questions in between about paying, my house or yours, will the sex be worth it, do I need the company & the health riskS posed with prostitutes & sexual pleasure.

All of a sudden paying for sex seems like more hassle than it’s worth & just lost its sex appeal.

If you’re serious about seeing Kent escorts or as some like to say,  prostitutes for the first time, here are some tips to get you started before booking a night of passionate sex.

Seeing Escorts - How to Choose the Right Service for you

We’ve put together 5 simple tips for men who would like to try an escort for the first time:

  1. How to choose a good escort agency
  2. Prepare for the call
  3. Paying for sex
  4. How to prepare for your date
  5. The date
Firstly, find an escort that catches your eye & check she offers the services you want

This step is the most important. Selecting a good agency will make the remaining steps easier.

Choosing a terrible escort or escort  agency will make your night of sex on par with hell and maybe even a little emotional.

Search Google. Generally, the most renowned & reputable agencies will come out on the 1st and 2nd pages. Avoid escort directories they won’t be there to help you if you are unsatisfied or if your date didn’t go as planned.

Once you’ve found an agency site, one that’s well put together, professional & with genuine photos. Select your location & concentrate on a girl that catches your eye. Check to see what services she offers & the price.

Skim through the FAQs page. Every good escort agency should have one to answer your doubts & questions before booking.

Review sites can be biased or even show fake reviews because sex between two adults is certainly something unusual to write about & what works for one person might not work for the other.

Get Prepared for your Call or Online Booking

If an online booking isn’t available because some agencies are a bit old school & still expect you to pick up the phone.

You’ll need to be prepared, with the following info:

  • Date, time, length, and venue of the appointment

Know when you would like the date, for how long & if the service is incall or outcall.

The time & type of service is what will determine the cost The average date is usually an hour long. However, you can choose to spend the evening together or even request an overnight stay.

Escort services range from quickies, hand jobs to full-blown owo & a-levels and too many more to mention here. There is a whole new dictionary of escort slang dedicated to escort services.

Pay for Sex - What to expect & How to Pay

Handing money over directly takes the fun out of the visit. Most independent women will ask you to place your donation in an envelope & place it in the bathroom or on top of a desk or dresser. Make sure it’s easy for your escort to spot. This isn’t the time for hide & seek.

For bookings, through agencies, they usually accept payments online or in person. Paying before you arrive feels less constructed & mechanical & more like an actual date than a paid-for service.

Some escort agencies will also accept bank transfers if you don’t have a credit card.

Make sure you do your research.

Find out how much visits cost, what’s included, where to meet & how long you can expect the date to last before you pay. This avoids dreaded, uncomfortable conversations halfway through the date. (1)

How to Prepare for your Date

Preparing will vary slightly depending on whether your date is an in-call or an outcall service.

If it’s in-call there’re fewer things to do because you will already be at home or in a hotel.

If it’s an outcall you’ll need to consider some extra things.

In-call Preparation

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re freshly showered. Remember this is just like any other date, & you would never think of turning up to a date smelling like rubbish right?. Take a shower before your girl arrives & smell good.

Finally, in-call means you travel to your girl’s location, so make sure you have the directions correctly and arrive ideally 10-15 minutes before your date starts.

Outcall Preparation

This time you are the host, so you’ll want to have a few things prepared for your guest.

Don’t open the door to a tip. Make sure your place is presentable, after all the success of your date is based on first impressions & the connection you two make together.

If you put in zero effort how do you expect your chosen woman to connect with you?

Have fresh towels and toiletries readily available. If you are in a hotel room, this is already taken care of for you.

Be a gentleman, after all this is a real person you’re talking to & spending your time with. Offer some refreshments before & after.

The Date

Getting things started!

Firstly, satisfaction also comes from what you give. Our escorts treat everyone as unique individuals & a fulfilling experience requires effort from both parties. What you put in is what you get out.

Clients feel getting drunk before their first time is the best way to lose the nerves, but your escort will already know you are a bit nervous, so usually she’ll take the lead anyway.

Having a glass or two is recommended, but getting full-blown wasted isn’t an ideal experience for both of you. Having sex wasted brings a whole load of new challenges in the up department.

You can speak to her just like a girlfriend, ask her what she likes & be open. Tell her what you like too.

Creating a connection with your lady from the start will lead to a more sexually satisfying experience. (2)

If you are interested in a new experience, feel free to check out our FAQ section for advice or give us a call on this number here

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