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Your no. 1 Best Sexscope for September Is Here

Kent Escorts: Your Sexscope for September Is Here

If you need horoscope maps for your sexuality this month, here is your sexscope for September.

Aries Sexscope

The wind blowing in autumn cools your sex life as the heat subsides. The full moon in Pisces on September 1 marks the point of trouble between you and your loved one. To see your insecurities in the bedroom, use the fifth mercury to include Libra. When Mars recedes on September 9, relax with yourself. Self-care is sexy!

Taurus Sexscope

It’s time to spice up – and we’re not talking pumpkin jokes. When the full moon is in the Pisces on September 1, make an effort to combine things in the bedroom and separate from your comfort zone. Fifth, the mercury that gets into your Libra strengthens your relationship with your lover and brings you closer to sex. The next day when Venus enters Leo, go up to this high, and enjoy the feeling.

Gemini Sexscope

Your magnetism is running smoothly this month. But beware when the full moon hits Pisces on September 1st. You may want to move, but they want commitment. Set boundaries quickly. On September five, Mercury enters Libra, which solves difficult romantic problems for you. Use your wits to find out.

Cancer Sexscope

Flexibility is the key to happiness this month, Cancer, and we don’t talk in bed (although that’s a plus). Come with an open mind during the full moon in Pisces on September 1st to get the most out of it.

Leo Sexscope

Summer may be over, but your moon is still hot when the full moon is September 1 in Pisces. You have a deep relationship with your partner, which makes sex intense. However, feud over the treaty freezes romance when Mercury enters Libra at number five. When Venus enters your zodiac sign the next day, pay extra attention to your partner when excited.

Virgo Sexscope

New season, a unique opportunity for romance! On September 1st, when the full moon is in the Pisces, be brave, and send SMS to your crush. This can lead to interesting conversations. But when Mercury enters you in your fifth part, pay attention to your partner. Don’t just use the eggplant emoji. When Venus enters Leo the next day, take a good look at your partner, and she will return the favour.

Libra Sexscope

Fall is the most romantic time of the year, and while you’re at the full moon on September 1st, you’re on your way to high heels for your girlfriend. Someone will catch your eye. When

Venus enters Leo the next day, release the paint energy with a good orgasm. You will feel less stressed.

Scorpion Sexscope

The full moon in chaos brings you erotic fantasies that can lead to the big discovery on September 1st. Who and what do you imagine? If you are in love, remember the nightmare you had when Mercury entered Libra with you on the fifth. They can come true.

Sagittarius Sexscope

When the full moon in Mars on September 1, you have sex in your mind, when Mercury enters Libra with you on the fifth, some naughty dreams have never hurt anyone!

Aquarius Sexscope

Let’s be honest, Aquarius. Your biggest erogenous zone is your brain, so when the full moon falls on September 1st, you’re lost in your daydreams. However, when the imaginary ideas aren’t enough when the fifth idea is in the Mercury Libra, some people get into a happy mood. Banter can be naughty. However, when you enter Venus Leo the next day, don’t forget your emotional desires.

Pisces Sexscope

The moon starts with luck when the full moon appears on your sign on September 1st, putting you in spell mode. Stay busy or send out some flirty sex, especially when the mixture enters your sexuality on September five, making you very sexual. However, when you enter Venus Leo the next day, all this excitement can overwhelm you. Slowly!

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